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Tips to Help Keep Your Air Ducts Clean (Part 2)

Things are starting to heat up quickly here in Dunnellon and Ocala, Florida, and with heat comes humidity.  Ocala and Dunnellon, Florida can experience daily humidity levels above 90% during the hot summer months.  This results in high moisture which can become a haven for mold and other biological growths.  If you want to keep your system running efficiently and prevent unnecessary heating and air conditioning repair bills, then consider these few tips to help control moisture:

  1. Keep up with your routine AC maintenance service. When we perform your AC service, we check for leaks, holes or any other problem which may cause moisture to infiltrate your ducts.  AC maintenance service also includes checking to make sure your cooling coils are effectively removing moisture from the air and that your condensate pan is draining properly.
  2. Check the seals on your ducts in your attic. BlueSky properly seals and insulates the ducts when we perform any HVAC installation.   However, not all air conditioning companies are as particular in making sure the ducts are properly insulated and sealed.  If we did not perform your AC installation or AC replacement, then you may want to check the seals and insulation on your attic ducts.
  3. If you need AC installation or AC replacement, don’t use just any company. We often perform AC service for customers who purchased their unit from other air conditioning companies and find they were sold a unit that is too big for their home.  This can cause the system to cycle on and off more frequently, resulting in ineffective moisture removal and unnecessary wear and tear on your unit.  If you are ever in need of AC replacement or AC installation, you can trust that BlueSky will always recommend the proper size unit for your home.

Consider these steps to help avoid unnecessary heating and air conditioning repair bills.  And, don’t forget to schedule your spring AC maintenance service.  We work throughout Marion and Citrus counties, including Dunnellon and Ocala, Florida.