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Use an Experienced AC Service Professional for AC Installations

(Part 2)

Last month, we discussed three reasons hiring a reputable, licensed and certified contractor to perform AC service, AC repair or AC installation work can save you time, money and headaches in the future.  This month, we will continue to discuss why you should call BlueSky Cooling Comfort, a North American Technician Excellent (N.A.T.E) certified technician, EPA certified and a licensed Florida Mechanical Air Conditioning Contractor.

Hiring a licensed contractor will protect you from unlicensed scam artists and afford you the opportunity to report substandard AC service or AC installation work to the licensing authority.  Performing AC repair or AC installation without a license in the state of Florida is against the law.  Below are two more reasons you should hire a professional for AC installations, AC service and/or AC repair.

Installing the proper size unit

A licensed AC service contractor has received the required training to calculate the proper size AC unit for your space.  New AC Installation of a unit which is too small results the unit continuously running.  This is not only inefficient, but it causes excessive component wear and increased AC repair bills.  Installing a unit which is too large results in the unit cycling off and on too frequently, causing large swings in temperature and humidity.  Excessive starting and stopping of the compressor and fan motor will likely cause early failure of components, thus increasing AC repair bills.

Designing the proper airflow

Hiring a licensed AC service, AC repair or AC installation contractor gives you peace of mind that you have hired an expert that can evenly distribute the proper airflow throughout your space.  Improper sizing of duct, work air returns and filter size can severely impact the unit’s efficiency.  A certified AC service technician will ensure all areas receive the proper airflow, eliminating hot and cold spots and areas of high humidity which result in the formation of mold and mildew.  Balanced airflow throughout the space provides for even temperature and humidity, offering the ultimate in comfort with fewer AC repair bills and lower operating cost.

Hiring a certified and licensed company can and will save you thousands in unnecessary bills and damage to your property.  BlueSky Cooling and Comfort is licensed and certified to perform all your AC service, AC repair or AC installation needs, call us today!

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