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Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature During Winter Months (part two)

Florida weather is tricky, especially during the winter.  There have been many days when residents throughout Ocala, Dunnellon, Citrus County and Marion County woke up to frost and then needed to shed their winter sweaters and coats by lunch.  This is often referred to as “weather whiplash”.  Weather whiplash can force HVAC units to work harder and cause undo stress on the overall system.  When a unit works harder, it is less efficient, and you will soon need professional AC service or AC repair.  If the unit continually loses efficiently over time, then new AC installation may eventually be needed.

Let’s look at some additional ways you can help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Ensure Your Ducts Are Sealed

Checking the seals on your ducts is important during both winter and summer months.  Ducts that are not properly sealed or are damaged will leak air into the attic. Your HVAC system must then work harder as a result.  If you want to try to avoid AC repair or new AC installation this summer, make sure your ducts are properly sealed.  BlueSky can also check the seals on your ducts when performing preventative AC service.

Open Windows and Allow the Sun Inside

One of the best things you can do during winter months is to let the sun shine inside your home.  This natural heat can help raise the temperature of your home several degrees, giving your HVAC a rest as the heat will need to come on less often to maintain temperature.  When the HVAC is not running, you are saving on your electric bill.  And, you are also helping extend the life of your system and minimizing the need for HVAC repair or new HVAC installation in the near future.

Consider HVAC Repair and/or New HVAC Installation

HVAC repair and/or HVAC installation is a last resort.  However, if your system has been inefficient and overworked, sometimes HVAC repair or HVAC installation is necessary to  maintain a comfortable temperature and help reduce heating and cooling costs in the future.

BlueSky’s service areas includes all of Ocala and Dunnellon and throughout Citrus County and Marion County.  Our professional AC service, AC repair and AC installation experts are ready to deliver the quality you deserve and service you expect.  Give us a call today!

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