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Buying An Older Home
Buying an Older Home? Here is Something to Consider…

Some of the best deals in real estate are older homes in well-kept neighborhoods.  However, one of the most expensive mistakes you can make is not having the home properly inspected.  Home inspectors are licensed experts in the overall health and history of a property.  They have lists and forms to check all the plumbing, electrical, appliances and structure of the house.  Most home inspectors, however, are not licensed HVAC repair or HVAC installation experts and are limited to performing only a visual and functionality inspection. Here are a few reasons you should have a licensed AC service or AC installations expert inspect the home’s most expensive appliance before you buy it.

Checking the compressor operating pressures

A licensed HVAC repair and HVAC Installation specialist can check the operating pressure of the unit.  An AC unit which is operating and appears to be functioning properly may be undercharged with refrigerant.  Only a licensed AC service technician can test the pressure to ensure it is operating within factory specifications.  An undercharged unit may be an indication of a slow leak, which can result in costly HVAC repair or require a new HVAC installation in the very near future.

Checking motor starting and running currents

An AC service and AC installations expert will check the starting and running current of the compressor motor and air handler fan motor.  Excessive starting and running current of either of these motors indicates the motor is working too hard.  A professional HVAC repair or HVAC installation technician can diagnose the problem before you purchase the property.

If you are considering purchasing an older home, BlueSky’s AC service and AC installations professionals are ready to perform a thorough inspection of the HVAC system.  Having a detailed inspection could prevent an expensive and unplanned HVAC repair or HVAC installation.  What appears to be a good deal could quickly turn into a money pit. Be sure to call BlueSky’s AC service experts to evaluate the HVAC system before you buy.

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