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Hot Air From Ac
Why is There Hot Air Blowing from My AC Unit?

As a professional HVAC company, we often get calls from homeowners asking why hot air is blowing from their AC unit.  This is another common problem that should be addressed right away to avoid damage that could result in costly air conditioner repair and/or AC replacement.

Some HVAC dealers thrive on issues like this in hopes that the problem will eventually result in AC replacement.  At BlueSky Cooling Comfort, we prefer to be proactive.  Our annual and seasonal AC service includes a full inspection of your unit. In the event that you have not had regular AC maintenance service and are experiencing a problem, our up front and honest air conditioning repair technicians can come out and inspect your system. If you have hot air blowing from your AC unit, here are some quick checks you can do before calling an HVAC company:

  1. First, check the thermostat to make sure it is set to cool. Sometimes it can get bumped and accidently set to heat without anyone realizing it.  This can cause the unit to blow hot air.
  2. If your thermostat is set to “on” then the fan will keep blowing even when the air conditioner is not running. Setting the thermostat to “auto” will keep the fan from continuously blowing air.
  3. An issue with the outside unit can cause the AC to blow hot air. Check to make sure there are not any circuits tripped or blown fuses. If you notice either problem, contact a certified HVAC company such as BlueSky Cooling Comfort to inspect your unit as soon as possible. At that time, you will be advised if any air conditioning repair services are necessary to resolve the issue.
  4. Restricted air flow can also hinder your AC unit. Check to see if your air filter needs replaced.  If you haven’t had your annual or seasonal AC service, you may need to have us come and inspect and clean your evaporator coils.
  5. Low refrigerant can also cause the AC unit to blow hot air. A certified HVAC company can check the refrigerant charge, inspect your system for leaks and replace refrigerant if necessary.

As you can see, hot air blowing from your AC unit does not always mean costly air conditioning repair and/or AC replacement.  Sometimes the fix is simple, but unfortunately, not all HVAC dealers will tell you so.  You can always count on BlueSky Cooling Comfort to give you an honest assessment of your problem.  If you AC unit is blowing hot air, give us a call today!

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