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Comfort And Efficiency – All About Air Flow
Comfort and Efficiency – It’s All About Air Flow

Do you keep a blanket in one room and a fan in another?  Uneven room temperatures are a common reason air conditioner service technicians are called.  The proper air flow through your air conditioner cooling coils is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and consistent room temperatures.  Improper air flow can lead to extensive AC repair or even AC replacement.  Here are some helpful tips to reduce the need for AC repair, AC service or AC replacement.

Clean Filters

The first stop on the road to avoiding air conditioner service is checking the condition of the air filter.  A dirty air filter will limit air flow causing low air flow to some rooms, thus resulting in higher energy consumption and uneven room temperatures.  Continued operation with a dirty air filter can result in early component failure requiring AC service or AC replacement.

Open Interior Doors

Closed interior doors restrict return air flow causing reduced air flow to one room while over supplying another.  A qualified air conditioner service expert can properly advise you on which doors should be open to allow the maximum air flow through your house.  In cases where interior doors cannot be left open, it may be necessary to have an AC service professional install louvers or return ducting for proper air flow – a small price to pay to prevent expensive AC repair.

Check Registers

In some cases, the air supply to the rooms is the culprit. An expert AC repair or AC service specialist can perform an air flow balance to properly position register louvers and check for blockages, ducting issues and zone damper control problems.  Ensuring the proper air return flow from all areas will help avoid costly air conditioning repair.

If your house room temperatures seem uneven, it’s time to call BlueSky for air conditioning service.  Our expert AC service and AC repair staff will have your home in balance in no time!

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