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Why You Should Use an Experienced AC Service Professional for AC Installations

(Part 1)

Hiring a reputable, licensed and certified contractor to perform AC service, AC repair or AC installation work can save you time, money and headaches in the future.  When you call BlueSky Cooling Comfort, you can count on a North American Technician Excellent (N.A.T.E) certified technician showing up at your doorstep. Our owner is also EPA certified and holds a Florida Mechanical Air Conditioning Contractors license. Why does this make a difference? For one, a licensed and certified contractor is experienced and qualified in AC service, AC repair and AC installations.  This is our full- time job, not side work.  Second, licensed and certified contractors are held to a higher standard.  A company that performs mediocre or poor AC service, AC repair or AC installation work will not be able to earn or maintain their certification.

There are certain aspects of AC installation that need to be performed by a licensed and certified AC service and AC repair technician to ensure your new system operates at optimal performance.

Proper indoor piping and drainage system

When performing AC installations, it is imperative to install the correct drainage system and ensure the indoor piping is properly insulated.  Improper drainage systems can result in costly AC service and AC repair as the water overflows and cause damage to other system components.  Likewise, if piping is not properly insulated, it sweats, which can lead to water damage to the components and your home.

Positioning of unit and air vents

The positioning of the unit and air vents are important to consider with AC installations.

At BlueSky, we recommend placing the HVAC unit in a shadier area vs. direct sunlight.  Units in direct sunlight must work harder and require more frequent AC service. If the air vents are located in areas where air flow is inhibited, AC repair is in your future.

Sealing ductwork

When performing an AC installation, it is important to make sure all ductwork is properly sealed.  Failure to do so increases the chance of leaks, which then often result in costly AC repair.

Next month, we will discuss additional reasons why it is important to hire a certified and licensed contractor for AC repair, AC service and AC installations.

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