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Signs it is Time to Call a Professional for Air Conditioner Service and/or Air Conditioner Repair


While there are some air conditioner issues homeowners can solve on their own, you should always be on the lookout for indicators and signs that it is time to call a professional for air conditioner service and/or air conditioner repair.  Identifying and addressing serious problems early can help prevent the need for air conditioner replacement.  If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s time to call the professional AC repair and AC service experts at BlueSky to come inspect your system.

Not keeping cool

If your AC is running continuously and not maintaining temperature, it could be something as simple as a thermostat or as serious as a faulty compressor.  You need an experienced AC service / AC repair expert to diagnose and address the problem.  Allowing the issue to fester could result in further damage and the need for complete AC replacement down the road.

Water leakage

If your cooling coil condensate drain is clogged or your drain system is not working properly, water leakage can occur.  It is important to call an air conditioner service / air conditioner repair technician right away to avoid further damage to your unit and prevent water damage to your home.

Strange Noises

If you hear any strange or new noises coming from your air conditioner, give us a call right away.  Our air conditioner repair / air conditioner service experts can diagnose the problem, which could be anything from low refrigerant to a motor belt or leak.  This is another area where a troubleshooting and repair by a professional can prevent the need for premature air conditioning replacement.

System not running

If your system is not running or working at all, give our AC repair / AC service experts a call.  It can be something as simple as loose wire or faulty breaker, which we can quickly diagnose.  Worst case scenario is the unit is blown and full AC replacement is needed.

If you live in Dunnellon or Ocala, Florida (or any surrounding area including Marion County) you can count on BlueSky’s AC repair and AC service specialists to give you a fair and honest assessment of your problem.  If it comes down to AC replacement, we will take time to discuss the best options available for your home.  Our AC installation experts are well-versed on all of the latest models should the need arise.

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