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Ac Maintenance Tips To Save Money
AC Maintenance Service Tips to Save You Money

The previous article discussed the importance of scheduling your spring AC maintenance service.  However, did you know there are a number of DIY home AC service tasks you can perform to help keep your unit efficient in between professional AC maintenance service visits? These tasks can help you avoid costly AC repair and AC replacement while extending the longevity of your unit. The best part?  They are easy and fairly quick to perform on your own.

  1. Replace your filters on a regular basis.

This is the perhaps the most important AC maintenance service you can perform on your own to help keep your unit running smoothly.  Dirty and/or blocked filters can severely hinder the efficiency of your AC unit, causing it to work harder than it should, which usually results in higher electric bills and possibly the need for AC repair. Check your filters at least monthly and if they appear to be extremely dirty or clogged, change them immediately.

  1. Keep the condenser and coils clean

The outside condenser/compressor is subject to the elements, grass clippings, dust, dirt any anything else that crosses its path.  Keeping the outside of the condenser clear of debris is a simple AC service that can go a long way. Bluesky will rinse the condenser coil when we perform our routine AC maintenance service.

  1. Listen to your AC unit

You know what your AC unit sounds like when it is running normally.  If at any point you hear strange noises or sounds coming from the condenser/compressor, evaporator/air handler or any of the duct work, contact us immediately.  Waiting to do so could cause your electric bill to rise.  And, if there is damage, waiting to call us could make it worse which may result in costly AC repair or AC replacement.

Performing these simple tasks in between professional AC maintenance service visits can help ensure your unit runs efficiently, especially during hot summer months.

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