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Hey Ocala – We Offer Air Conditioning Repair and Service to You, Too!
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Hey Ocala – We Offer Air Conditioning Repair and Service to You, Too!

BlueSky Cooling Comfort is proud to offer high quality AC repair and AC service to our friends in Ocala, Florida. We may be located in Dunnellon, but our wide service area includes Ocala, too!

Customers in Ocala contact us for all of their air conditioning repair and service needs, including air conditioner installation and maintenance. One question we often get is, “should I replace just my compressor or the entire air conditioning system?”

Well, it depends. When you call us for AC service or AC repair, we will inspect your entire system. A compressor can stop working for a variety of reasons. While it can be completely shot, the issue could also be something as simple as needing a new breaker, cleaning the condenser coil or replacing a broken capacitor. We check everything out before determining whether or not you need to invest in a new compressor.

Let’s say you do need a new compressor. First, we will check to see if your current unit is under warranty. We will then offer you your options and give you a fair cost estimate based on the features you desire. If your air conditioner is an older system, we may recommend considering a full replacement if your new compressor is not going to be compatible with your current system.

Our Ocala air conditioner service experts have years of experience dealing with all types of AC repair problems. We also offer preventative maintenance as well. We will discuss in a future article the importance of regular AC service and maintenance. In the meantime, if you live in Ocala, please give us a call when you are in need quality air conditioning service or repair.