Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit for Your Business

Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit for Your Business

Probably the biggest mistake we see businesses make is choosing the wrong air commercial conditioning unit for their business. We generally discover this when we are hired to perform commercial AC service and repair. Having the incorrect type of unit is often a result of either being sold a bill of goods, or, perhaps the previous owner of your commercial building used the space differently than you.

The first step is to determine whether you need a commercial air conditioner with a single thermostat or zones. There is a big difference. A single thermostat allows you to control the temperature of an area with one thermostat. This may be a good option for a small boutique or restaurant. However, if your commercial property is large or broken up into different spaces or offices, a zone system may be the best solution. Zone systems are ideal for owners of strip malls or large office buildings with several offices.

The next step is to explore units that will accommodate the cooling capacity you need. Selecting the wrong unit can cost you in commercial AC repair costs later. It is best to get the right size unit from the beginning.

Third, be sure to subscribe to ongoing commercial AC service. We perform regular maintenance to make sure your commercial air conditioner is running in tip top shape. We also inspect your unit and ducts to ensure maximum efficiency.

Don’t wait for us to perform a commercial AC repair to find out that you have the incorrect type of unit. Contact Bluesky Cooling Comfort for a free consultation to help determine the exact needs for your business.

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