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When to Call a Commercial Air Conditioning Expert

When to Call a Commercial Air Conditioning ExpertYour commercial air conditioner seems to be acting up but you are unsure if your problem is serious. Waiting until it is too late to call a commercial AC repair company may not only result in additional damage to your unit, but, could end up costing you customers. We understand the fear of the unknown, which is why at Bluesky, we provide advanced diagnostics to locate the problem as timely as possible. Our expert commercial AC service and repair experts are sensitive to the needs of businesses and work to find you the most affordable solution possible. Let’s look at a few “symptoms” you may experience that indicate it is time to call a trusted commercial AC service and repair technician.

Noises coming from vents

A definite red flag with commercial air conditioning units is hearing strange noises coming from the vents. If this persists for more than a few hours, it’s time to give us a call!

Spike in energy bills

If you are using your commercial air conditioner consistently, an unexpected spike in your electric bill could signal a problem. Bluesky will run a full diagnostic check on your unit, as well as examine it for dirt, debris and clogs.

Some areas feel cooler than others

Your air conditioner should be cooling the space evenly. If you notice your commercial air conditioner is cooling some areas more than others, then you could have a problem. Our commercial AC service experts will examine your duct work, thermostat and commercial air conditioning unit itself to see if there are any issues.

Taking time to have one of our commercial AC service and repair experts come out at the first sign of trouble can save you lots of time and money in the long run!