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Air Conditioner Service – Why It’s Especially Important if Your System Uses R-22
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Air Conditioner Service – Why It’s Especially Important if Your System Uses R-22

If your HVAC system uses R-22 (HCFC-22) refrigerant, listen up!  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is slowly phasing out R-22, citing its negative effect on the earth’s ozone layer.  Not only is the EPA phasing out production of R-22 in the United States, but it is also restricting the import and use of this widely used refrigerant. In fact, according the EPA, there will be “No production or import of HCFC-142b and HCFC-22” by 2020, and “No production or import of any HCFCs” by 2030.  As this phase out ramps up, it will become more and more difficult to obtain R-22.  This is why routine air conditioner (AC) service is so important for homeowners whose units use R-22.  Here’s why:

Supply and Demand 

As the supply goes down, the demand will increase.  Therefore, as demand for R-22 goes up, so will the price.  Once this happens, your air conditioner repair will cost more to accommodate R-22’s rising price.

Limited or No Availability

Even those who have the funds to absorb the increased cost of R-22 may find themselves in a position where it is no longer available.  Keeping your AC service up to date will help insure your unit is in tip top shape and properly charged.

Routine AC service reduces the chances of system failure and needing major AC repair work.  When we perform your AC service, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your entire system, including identifying and fixing small leaks.  This minor AC repair will help prolong the life of your system while reducing the need for additional R-22.

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