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Avoid Heating and Air Conditioning Repair By Maintaining the Outside of Your HVAC Unit

“My heating and air conditioning stopped working.  I need to find a HVAC company near me…fast!”

Sound familiar?  At Bluesky, we would much rather see you for routine AC service than for AC repair, or worse, AC replacement.  This is why we take time each month to provide you with tips to help you avoid costly heating and  air conditioning repair services.

One pitfall homeowners run into is forgetting to properly maintain the area outside of their HVAC unit.  Let’s look at some ways you can keep the area maintained and help reduce your need for AC repair:

  1. Keep your HVAC unit free from grass and debris

Grass, leaves, dirt, etc. can quickly build up inside and around your HVAC unit.  This restricts air flow, which results in the unit needing to work harder.  We will examine your unit during your AC service, but if you want to help avoid AC repair, you should also take time to make sure it is free from debris on a regular basis.

  1. Properly conceal your HVAC unit

Concealing your HVAC unit with well-trimmed bushes, walls or fences can help keep the area  around your unit shaded and protected.  We make sure units are properly concealed when we perform any HVAC installation or AC replacement.

  1. Keep plenty of space around the unit

Make sure there is nothing blocking the air flow around or above the HVAC unit.  Plants, tools, walls and anything else that may impede air to the coils will result in decreased efficiency.

Following these tips can help keep your unit running efficiently.  If we identify a problem with how the outside of your unit is maintained, we will let you know when we perform your routine AC service.

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