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What We Look for During Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Visit
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What We Look for During Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Visit

Routine air conditioner maintenance service is recommended, even with respected brands like Trane, Carrier and Amana. Let’s say we are performing your annual AC service on your Trane unit located in Ocala, Florida or Dunnellon, Florida.  What exactly do we look for during our AC maintenance service visit? The short answer is we check your entire system to make sure it is functioning to at peak performance.  This is important for energy efficiency and to help avoid costly AC repair down the road.

  1. Check refrigerant charge

Probably the most important part of routine AC service, we make sure you have the correct amount of refrigerant to keep your system running efficiently.

  1. Rinse condenser coil

This is part of AC maintenance service because the condenser coil collects dirt and debris throughout the year.  This build-up can adversely affect the performance your unit.

  1. Electronically check motor amperages

We make sure all amperages are within the manufacturers recommended range.  So, if you have a Trane system, we use their guidelines, etc.

  1. Check and tighten all electrical connections

There is good chance that connections become loose when your unit runs constantly, as it does in the hot months we experience in Ocala and Dunnellon Florida.

  1. Lubricate all applicable moving parts

Sticky parts lessen efficiency.

  1. Clear drain line

Blocked drain lines can cause many problems that result in costly AC repair down the road.

  1. Check thermostat accuracy

You would be surprised at how many thermostats we come across that are not accurate! This can result in higher electric bills.

  1. Check overall efficiency

Your system may run, but that does not mean it’s efficient.  The minimal cost of AC service is worth the electricity savings.

  1. Anything else we deem important

If we identify an area that needs inspected, we will do so.  The goal with routine AC maintenance service is to ensure your unit is running properly and able to handle the heat!

It is important to follow manufacturer recommendations, which is why we check each system based on guidelines provided by the manufacturer.  So, for instance, Trane AC service may vary slightly from other brands, etc.  Download the coupon form our website and call us to schedule your AC maintenance service today!